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Question: Why is Foxhound taking so long to gather samples?


The "Interval" times on the Monitor page should be 10 seconds or close to it, and the "Sample Times" should be less than 1 second

Here is an example where Foxhound is taking longer than normal to gather samples:

     Samples  Interval     Times  
  5:40:56 AM   14.3s    .1s / 13.2s
  5:40:42 AM   12.3s    .1s / 11.3s
  5:40:30 AM   15.9s    .1s / 14.9s

Have a look at the "SPs are OK:" field in the Monitor Status Area at the top of the Monitor page.

If it is showing SPs are OK: NNN or something other than SPs are OK: YYY, try to ensure that the Foxhound's three stored procedures for gathering performance statistics are installed on the target database; see Help - Introduction - Connecting to Target Databases.

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