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Question: Why is Alert #1 - Database unresponsive issued and cleared with every sample gathered?
Question: Why do I see so many Alert #1 - Database unresponsive messages?

Answer: The target database server (and/or the computer running Foxhound) may be hopelessly overloaded; Foxhound may take longer than one minute (or whatever the threshold is for Alert #1 - Database unresponsive) to gather a sample. In that case Foxhound will issue Alert #1 while it's waiting for the sample data to be returned and then immediately issue an All Clear when it does get the data... hence the multiple Alert #1 and All Clear #1 messages.

You can deal with the "hopelessly overloaded" situation, or use the Monitor Options page to increase the threshold for Alert #1 - Database unresponsive from 1 minute to some value larger than the time it takes the Foxhound Monitor to gather a sample (the "Interval" time shown on the Monitor page).

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