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Question: Why don't I get emails for the Alerts that appear on the Monitor page?


Most Alert settings are specific to each target database, including the "Send Alert emails:" and "Email address(es) for alerts:" fields on the Monitor Options page.

If you filled in or changed the [Default Settings] on the Monitor Options page after a sampling session was created for a target database, those changes won't automatically apply to that target database, only to new target databases when sampling sessions are created for them... stopping and starting a sampling session doesn't help, the [Default Settings] are automatically applied only to new sampling sessions.

When you have a large number of target databases, it is easy to forget to fill in the Monitor Options page for all the right targets.

You can either use the Switch Display button on the Monitor Options page to go and fix the settings for the existing target database, or use the Force Default Settings On All Targets button to "publish" the [Default Settings] to all existing target databases.

Also check the Foxhound Options page for the global email settings:

  • Make sure the "Enable Emails" button is checked in the Global Overrides section.

  • Make sure the "SMTP Sender:" and other fields are filled in in the Global Email Settings section.

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