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Question: Why does my target database engine start up again right after I shut it down?


If all of the following conditions are true

  • Foxhound is set up to monitor that target database,

  • the DSN or connection string used by Foxhound to connect to that database includes the AUTOSTART=YES connection parameter,

  • the target database runs on the same computer as Foxhound,

then Foxhound will keep trying to connect to the target database after you have shut it down, and the AUTOSTART=YES connection parameter will cause that database to be automatically restarted.

Even if you shut Foxhound down before stopping your target database, as soon as you start Foxhound again it will automatically restart your target database.

Here are two solutions:

  • Remove the AUTOSTART=YES connection parameter from the DSN or connection string, or

  • tell Foxhound to stop sampling that database.

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