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Question: How do I see Foxhound diagnostics, errors and exceptions?
Question: How do I read the Foxhound exception messages?


You can use Foxhound Options - Display Diagnostics to see messages recorded by Foxhound itself.

Here is an example of a Foxhound exception message with an explanation of the different sections:

exception id: 1, 2, 3...
|   date and time of the exception
|   |                       Foxhound build number
|   |                       |                Foxhound connection number that detected the exception
|   |                       |                |          exception location within Foxhound code
|   |                       |                |          |              diagnostic text: variable format              target database id and name
|   |                       |                |          |              |                                                                    |
67  2011-11-11 11:49:08.768 Full Build 4013a 1000009471 701.a3(701eh1) Permission denied: Cannot CREATE PROCEDURE rroad_engine_properties. [5-ddd12]

For more information about errors during Foxhound startup, try using one of the "debug" scripts; see Help - Introduction - Starting Foxhound - Method 2: Debug Startup.

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