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Question: How do I reinstall Foxhound?


Note: A successful installation overwrites existing files. It is your responsibility to make a backup of your existing Foxhound installation if you want one. The simplest way to make a complete backup is to stop the Foxhound engine, then make a copy of the entire Foxhound5 folder and subfolders... do this BEFORE installing the new version of Foxhound.

By default, Foxhound is installed in this location on Windows 10:


To reinstall Foxhound, run the InstallShield setup.

What you do next depends on which dialog box appears...

If you see a dialog box that looks like either of these, you have to run the Foxhound "unsetup" process first and then run the Foxhound InstallShield setup as described below:

Another version of this product is already installed.

Modify, repair, or remove

Do not click on Modify or Repair; they won't damage anything, but nothing will happen when you click on the Post-Setup button at the end of Modify or Repair process:

The unsetup process will not delete your Foxhound database; for more information see Another version of this product is already installed.

If you see this dialog box, you can proceed with the reinstallation:

Step 1

The post-setup process will ask how much data you want to preserve; just press Enter for ALL data:

Post-Setup Process for Foxhound Version 5.0
*** Checking for a post-setup path parameter...
*** A post-setup path parameter was provided...
***                   Foxhound 5.0.xxxx
*** Here's where Foxhound is being installed:
*** C:\ProgramData\RisingRoad\Foxhound5\
*** Starting the Foxhound 5,0.xxxx post-setup process...
*** Creating foxhound5.db.5,0.xxxx.ORIGINAL_COPY...
*** Checking for an existing Foxhound5 installation...
***  ...yes, there is an existing Foxhound5 installation.
*** Checking if the existing data should be upgraded...
***  ...yes, the existing Foxhound5 data should be upgraded.
*** PLEASE READ THIS, AND CONFIRM OR CHANGE **********************
*** "FOXHOUND5UPGRADE" specifies how much data is to be upgraded.
*** If you want to CHANGE the setting, type in a new value...
***    ALL       - upgrade all the data
***    OPTIONS   - no samples, just the Foxhound options
***    yyyymmdd  - options plus samples since yyyymmdd
***    nnn       - options plus last nnn days of samples
***    NOTHING   - don't upgrade any data
*** and press Enter to continue.
*** If you LIKE the current setting...
***    FOXHOUND5UPGRADE=ALL which means upgrade all the data
*** just press Enter.

For more information about how FOXHOUND5UPGRADE works see Foxhound Help - FOXHOUND5UPGRADE.

Caution: If you are using the Windows Vista or Windows 10 Task Scheduler to take regular backups of your Foxhound database using the $backup_foxhound5.bat file you should reboot your computer after installing a new version of Foxhound.

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