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Question: How do I move the SQL Anywhere temporary file for Foxhound to a different physical drive?


One method is to set the SATMP environment variable to specify the folder where SQL Anywhere will put all its temporary files:

Control Panel in Windows 10... 

      - Advanced system settings 
         - Advanced tab 
            - Environment Variables button 
               - System variables 
                  - New... button
                     - New System Variable dialog box
                       Variable name:  SATMP
                       Variable value: F:\data\SQL_Anywhere_temp
In a batch file...

   SET SATMP=F:\data\SQL_Anywhere_temp

Another method is to modify the dbsrv17.exe command line which starts Foxhound to include the -dt F:\data\SQL_Anywhere_temp option; this will only affect the temporary file associated with the Foxhound database:

  -f "%SQLANY17%\%BIN%\dbsrv17.exe"^
  -c 25p^
  -ch 50p^
  -dt F:\data\SQL_Anywhere_temp^
  -gk all^
  -gn 220^
  -gna 0^
  -n foxhound5^
  -o foxhound5_debug.txt^
  -oe foxhound5_debug_startup.txt^
  -on 1M^
  -sb 0^
  -ufd restart^
  -x tcpip^
  -xs http(port=80;maxsize=0;to=600;kto=600)^
  -n f
Here's the list of Foxhound command files which contain the dbsrv17.exe command:




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