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Question: How do I install a new version of Foxhound?
Question: How do I upgrade to a new version of Foxhound without losing any of my data?
Question: How do I upgrade to Foxhound 5?

Answer: Here's how to install Foxhound 5 without losing any of your data stored in Foxhound 3 or 4:

  1. Run the new Installshield setup you have downloaded (see How do I install Foxhound?).

  2. The post-setup process will ask how much data you want to preserve; just press Enter for ALL data:
    Post-Setup Process for Foxhound Version 5.0
    *** Checking for a post-setup path parameter...
    *** A post-setup path parameter was provided...
    ***                   Foxhound 5.0.xxxx
    *** Here's where Foxhound is being installed:
    *** C:\ProgramData\RisingRoad\Foxhound5\
    *** Starting the Foxhound 5,0.xxxx post-setup process...
    *** Creating foxhound5.db.5,0.xxxx.ORIGINAL_COPY...
    *** Checking for an existing Foxhound5 installation...
    ***  ...yes, there is an existing Foxhound5 installation.
    *** Checking if the existing data should be upgraded...
    ***  ...yes, the existing Foxhound5 data should be upgraded.
    *** PLEASE READ THIS, AND CONFIRM OR CHANGE **********************
    *** "FOXHOUND5UPGRADE" specifies how much data is to be upgraded.
    *** If you want to CHANGE the setting, type in a new value...
    ***    ALL       - upgrade all the data
    ***    OPTIONS   - no samples, just the Foxhound options
    ***    yyyymmdd  - options plus samples since yyyymmdd
    ***    nnn       - options plus last nnn days of samples
    ***    NOTHING   - don't upgrade any data
    *** and press Enter to continue.
    *** If you LIKE the current setting...
    ***    FOXHOUND5UPGRADE=ALL which means upgrade all the data
    *** just press Enter.

    For more information about how FOXHOUND5UPGRADE works see Foxhound Help - FOXHOUND5UPGRADE.

  3. When you restart Foxhound you will be asked provide a registration key.

Caution: If you are running Foxhound as a service, stop the service before installing the new version. The installation process needs to stop and restart the existing Foxhound database, and it probably won't be able to do that if it's already running as a service.

Caution: If you are using the Windows Vista or Windows 10 Task Scheduler to take regular backups of your Foxhound database using the $backup_foxhound5.bat file you should reboot your computer after installing a new version of Foxhound.

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