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Message: Cannot open transaction log file
Message: Can't use log file

Explanation: Delete the foxhound5.log file if it still exists, then start the Foxhound database one time with the dbsrv17 -f option as follows:

  • Open this command file in a text editor:

  • Insert this line

    as shown below:

      -f "!SQLANY17!\!BIN!\dbsrv17.exe"^
      -c 25p^
      -ch 50p^
      -gk all^
      -gl all^
      -gn 220^
      -gna 0^
      -n foxhound5^
      -o foxhound5_debug.txt^
      -oe foxhound5_debug_startup.txt^
      -on 1M^
      -sb 0^
      -ufd restart^
      -x tcpip^
      -xs http(port=80;maxsize=0;to=600;kto=600)^
      -n f

  • Run Start - Foxhound5 - 14 Start Foxhound Engine

  • It should start the Foxhound database, create a new Foxhound transaction log file, and then shut down.

  • Re-edit the $start_foxhound5_engine.bat file to remove the -f^ line, then start Foxhound normally.

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