Foxhound 3  - Database Performance Monitor for SAP® SQL Anywhere®

Foxhound Version 4 ... will ... may ... should be available later this summer :)

Here's a teeny-tiny excerpt from the full What's New:

  • Foxhound Version 4 will support target databases running on SQL Anywhere 17...

  • ...including SQL Anywhere 17.0.4. Foxhound 4 will also support target databases running on SQL Anywhere versions 5.5 through 16, but so does Foxhound 3 now.

  • Foxhound 4 itself will run on either SQL Anywhere 16 or 17.

  • When Foxhound 4 itself is running on SQL Anywhere 16 it will still handle a target database running on SQL Anywhere 17.

Foxhound 4 Will Be FREE! ( Some Restrictions Apply :)

If you're thinking about getting a performance monitor for SQL Anywhere, one that actually works, don't hold back...

From this date forward, if you purchase Foxhound 3 you'll be able to upgrade to Version 4 at no charge as soon as it's available.

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